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WAD The Punisher - Clear

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The WAD punisher is here to stay… and a great way to add extra length, girth and sensation for you or your partner. Surely a good ride with this thick and long extender, with its veiny texture, will surely get the ‘juices’ flowing.

This weapon is the biggest in the collection, put it on and become one of the big boys. These WAD Extenders have a feature that other similar toys do not have: a hole to slip your balls through, that helps to keep the extender in place.

The best way to put this sleeve is to lube up your cock or on the inside of the sleeve; squeeze the sleeve to force the air out; put the head of your cock to the opening of the sleeve; and release the sleeve. The suction will pull you in and hold the sleeve on.

 Made in Europe of a high quality PVC.

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