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Screw it till it hurts! Get mean with a tight grip on the ballsack or even a cock shaft with the Steel Ball Stretcher with Dull Spikes. Slowly twist the screws inward until they can’t squeeze anymore. This torture device is a ball stretcher, but can also go around a cock shaft, so get creative with your victim and let them know who is boss. Be especially mean and lock it shut with the key.

If you are looking for a good ball torture, hefty ball stretcher, and great looking kink toy all in one, then you’ve found it! The Steel Ball Stretcher with Dull Spikes is the ultimate kinky toy. The spikes may not be sharp, but they are very painful as they squeeze on that skin so tightly. The weight of this device makes it an excellent ball stretcher.

Start with all the spikes almost unscrewed to the outside of the stretcher, leaving the inside area smooth and ready for its victim. Lube it up, get that ball sack in , lock the stretcher and start to twist. Twist each screw in with the hex key and keep going until it’s so tight that you can’t screw it anymore. Watch them suffer or do it to yourself, you gorgeous, masochistic bastard.

Maximum inner Diameter: 45 mm

Minimum inner Diameter: 25 mm

Stainless steel.

Dull spikes. 

Lock and hex key included.

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