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Sport Fucker Trainer Ring

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The Trainer Ring by Sport Fucker is both a cock and ball toy and a stand-alone ball stretcher all in one.  This simple toy gives just enough push to gently stretch those nuts.  The Trainer Ring also securely locks onto your balls and cock without much bulk, making it perfect to wear under your jock for a night out.  If you’re looking for a non-bulky toy to wear while you’re fucking, this is it!  The top ring can hold in a lot of pressure at the base of your dick, while the bottom ring will gently keep your balls pushed down and forward.

Just like its big brother, the Sport Fucker Energy Ring, this Trainer Ring is made from TPR which is super stretchable, therefore one size fits (almost) all.  The Trainer Ring is meant to be used on its own, or with the Energy Ring.  You can’t play any sport well without the right gear.  So for anyone who’s out there fucking, make sure you Gear-Up first, with Sport Fucker!

Available @ Mister B’s in Black, Red, Clear, Gun Metal, Ice Blue and Neon Green.

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