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Oxballs PIGHOLE-FF Fuckplug XXXL Red

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PIG-HOLE FF is a larger, thicker model of the best-selling original PIG-HOLE hollow buttplug. This smooth Pure Platinum Siliconeplug fills you up while simultaneously spreading you wide with its unique hollow core. The tapered neck and flared base help keep PIG-HOLE FF snugly inserted to “retread” your hole. The inner chamber is lined with textured ridges that stimulate when penetrated. This hefty hollow plug is designed for advanced players or guys into fisting.

Introducing an even bigger, piggier way to gape and stuff your hole to the max. The PIG-HOLE FF is everything you love about the original PIG-HOLE but designed to spread and stretch your hungry hole even wider…  PIG-HOLE FF is made from OXBALLS® best-selling Pure Platinum Silicone so it’s thick and reinforced but still smooth, soft and fleshy.

This super-hefty fuckplug is designed for guys who are into fisting and heavy ass-play.

PIG-HOLE FF has a seriously wide hollow core that forces your asslips open as it pops passed your greasy pucker. The inside of PIG-HOLE FF is lined with raised ridges that help keep its shape and creates extra stimulation for the lucky top who gets to plug your pried open hole…  The bulbous shape and tapered base are designed to keep this fucker lodged snug up your guts even when he’s piston-plowin’ your newly reupholstered fuckhole.

PIG-HOLE FF is like an even larger, more heavy-duty version of our popular PIG-HOLE XXL fuckplug…feels like a big, beefy balled-up fist up your insides. Turn your ass into the sloppy, receptive hole you were born to be with PIG-HOLE FF…this one ain’t for the newbies…

To insert:

1. LUBE inside and out with your favorite lube (we recommend using waterbased).

2. SHOVE a couple fingers inside the plug to the tip (or find some twisted pig to assist) and work into your hole like any other buttplug…

3. CLENCH your hole while gently withdrawing your fingers.

4. FUCK!

If you’re having trouble keeping PIG-HOLE FF fully expanded, placing a dildo or buttplug in the hollow core can help keep it fully dilated during insertion.

Material, care and country of origin info:

Original design copyright OXBALLS®

Pure Platinum Silicone 100% Silicone, non-toxic, phthalate free.

LUBE SAFE:  Water-base, Hybrid, Oil base.  Silicone not recommended.

CARE:  Wash after use in warm soapy water, Dishwasher safe.  Store toys separately:  we recommend breathable cloth pouches or cotton socks.


Length: 5.75”

Width: 2.75 – 3.5”

Largest usable circumference: 12.5”

Smallest usable circumference: 8.25”

Inner hole opening: 6.25”

Weight: 14.8 oz

Made in Los Angeles California, USA


Height: 14”/ 35.56 cm

Width: 10.25”/ 26.04 cm

Depth: 4”/ 10.16 cm

Weight: 1lb 1.3 oz

Made in USA

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