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Mister B Premium Metal Bar Wrist Suspension Restraints

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Developed with perfection for (longer term) suspension in mind, these Mister B Premium Wrist Suspension Restraints are constructed of thick saddle leather and are lined with soft leather coated thick foam. The result is a pair of suspension restraints tough enough to do their job really well, without compromising the comfort factor which becomes so important when you’re being suspended.


What makes these restraints different from lots of other wrist suspension restraints, is that it features a stainless steel bar to hold on to with your hands. This vastly increases the time you can spend hanging up there.


  • One size really fits all (we made sure the padding is long enough).
  • Genuine leather.
  • All rivets are heavy duty / high performance.
  • Padlockable.
  • Really made to last a looooong time.
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