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Mister B Leather Muscle Vest Bear Black

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WOOF! Hey big boys, this one’s for you! Show them who you are or what you’re into with the Mister B Leather Muscle Vest Bear. Wear this classic-fit leather vest with the Bear Pride flag on the back of it and make all the woofers and growlers jealous and horny all at once. This top-quality leather vest will last you a lifetime of parties and bear events and is available in sizes up to 5XL! That’s a BIG deal for us big guys!

This one is for all the big boys out there that are Proud Bears! The Mister B Leather Muscle Vest Bear is the vest for you! Wear it with nothing underneath and show off your sexy belly or fur and everyone at the bar or bear event will both want you and want to be you!

This top-quality leather vest is cut in the classic Mister B Muscle Vest style, which compliments every torso it hugs. Meant to feature your exposed chest and belly, this tight-fit leather vest gets better the more you wear it, so get it on your naked body and sweat in it, it’ll even smell better with age.

You can also wear it over a fitted t-shirt for a less exposed look, making it practical for any gay, bear or social event that you want to show your true colours. Be a proud bear with the Bear Pride flag on your back!

The Mister B Leather Muscle Vest Bear is available in sizes up to 5XL!

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