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Mister B Hardware Glans Ring With Ball

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The Head Glans ring has a diameter of 25mm which sits at the base of your glans and the ball which is 10mm in diameter is placed on your frenulum for extra stimulation.

This Head glans ring is for glans play and is made from highly polished, nickel free stainless steel.


Ensure you and glans ring are clean. Place the glans rings to the base of your glans and allow the small ball to be placed against your frenulum.

  • Head glans ring for glans, penis and frenulum stimulation. Glans ring diameter is 25mm with a frenulum ball of 10mm.
  • Made of high grade Stainless Steel - which is highly polished and ultra-smooth - Nickel free
  • The ball enhances frenulum stimulation
  • The glans ring enhances glans and penis stimulation



When using Urethral sounding toys and equipment it is always recommended to:

  • Sterilize toys before sounding
  • Finding the right sized toy for you
  • Doing it slowly and gently

Use a water based lubricant, preferably a sterile surgical lube like Instillagel.

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