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WOW with this harness you will certainly attract attention on a party!

This are the bright and vibrant neon yellow or neon green top harnesses. Easy to fit and flexible in sizing because of the adjustability with snap studs.

Made of 100% genuine real sturdy saddle leather.

These harnesses feature a X-construction in the back, and like any good top harness: will make you look broader because they push your shoulders up and back a bit.

Once you know how to put these on it’s real easy:

  1. Make one loooong strap of the entire harness.
  2. Position the centre strap on the chest.
  3. Flip the two side straps first under your arms, then criss cross over the shoulder
  4. Fasten the end of these straps to the O-rings and you’re done!

Because of the adjustability, available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

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