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LA Pump Premium Elliptical Cylinder Kit 5,0 x 23 cm

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Our Premium Elliptical Cylinder Kit is recommended for any man ready to enlarge his penis. First we created a cylinder with a better seal with greater comfort which gives you better results, and now with an anatomically correct elliptical shape that aids in quicker girth gains.

Kit contains: (1) Premium Deluxe Pump with gauge made of real brass and steel for durability and accuracy, (1) hose and (1) Elliptical Penis Cylinder (2.0 x 9.0 inch)

Our Elliptical Penis Cylinder “Wide Body” cylinder is the most anatomically correct penis cylinder on the market today. The shape of each cylinder is oval like the natural shape of your penis. The shape is elliptical and has a short side and a longer side. The Oval is measured using the inside diameter. The cylinder will vary in size slightly because they are hand formed.

With the highest quality pump and PSI gauge providing a beginner pumper piece of mind knowing they will pump with accuracy.

Pump Features:

  • Solid brass barrel, all steel construction
  • The BEST pump on the market
  • Durable and designed for one hand use
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Vacuum Level Gauge
  • Vacuum Release Valve
  • NOT suitable for wet use

Cylinder Features:

  • Hand crafted, diamond cut, flame polished cylinder
  • Comfortable & Easy to use
  • Designed for easy vacuum seal without the use of awkward rubber gaskets
  • Includes a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that maintains the vacuum after you disconnect the pump

LA Pump Premium Cylinders are made in the U.S.A. and come with a 1 year warranty

Cylinder(s) included in this kit:

  • 2.0 inches wide x 9.0 inches long

US Measurements (inches)

Our Size Short Side Longer Side
2.00 inches 2.00-2.125 inches 2,437-2.50 inches

International Measurements (cm)

Our Size Short Side Longer Side
2.00 inches 5.08-5.40 cm 6.19-6.35 cm

What Size Penis Cylinder Do I Need To Use?

How to size penis cylinders measure the circumference (the distance around, or girth) of the erect penis.

To do this:

  1. Wrap a piece of string loosely around your penis around the thickest part of your penis to measure, for some this will be the head and for others near the base.
  2. Mark where the string crosses itself.
  3. Lay the string next to a ruler to find the exact circumference. (Note – this method is much more accurate than wrapping a tape measure around the penis.) Penis cylinders are sized in US Inches
  4. Find the measurement most closely corresponding to your penis circumference in the column on the left – your ideal starting cylinder size will be in the corresponding column to the right. (Cylinder Order Size is the tube’s inside diameter.) If your circumference is under 4 3/4 inches we recommend you start with a 1 1/2"" cylinder.
Circumference Tube Inside Diameter
5 1/2"" 1 3/4""
6 1/4"" 2""
7"" 2 1/4""
7 7/8"" 2 1/2""
8 5/8"" 2 3/4""
9 3/4"" 3""
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