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Kiotos Penis Stick Teardrop 70 x 6 mm

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The dick is the new hole! The inside of the urethra is densely packed with nerve endings and a very sensitive and intense area, so excellent for intimate play. Therefore no wonder that urethral play has become so popular now and increasingly so.

Mister B now carries these Kiotos Penis Sticks which are all made of 100% silicon, soft to the touch.

The flexibility of these Kiotos Penis Sticks ensures that they’re easy to insert. Available in different lengths and diameters.

Safety: since these Penis Sticks do not go too deep into the penis, playing 100% sterile is not an absolute prerequisite with these, but of course: playing hygienic remains important as it is with all urethral toys. Wash your hands, use surgical gloves, use toy cleaner (such as Mister B CLEAN) to disinfect the toy before use, do not share toys without intermediate cleaning and use clean medical class lubricant (waterbased).

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