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Inflatable Solid Plug - Red S

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  • 14 cm
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Pump it up! Inflatable rubber dildos and plugs are a good and gentle way to increase the size of what you can take.

The line of inflatables that we carry is top of the line. The rubber is approximately 2 mm thick, they're glued together very carefully and we use high quality metal valves.

Most inflatables we carry in two varieties: one soft one, and another one which is pre-filled with foam for easier insertion. When you pre-pump a little bit of air into the basic version, the absence of foam shouldn't be a problem though.

As for any insertable toy: use lubricant. Because these inflatables are made of natural latex: do not use oil based lubricants because these will deteriorate the rubber.

Size (length x diameter in mm): 140 x 35 mm

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