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Mister B Butt Plug Dog Tail Harness

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Plug it in and lock him up!

If you like your boy to wear a butt plug or puppy tail... so he's always plugged and thinking of you... you might want to securely hold that plug in place with Mister B’s Butt Plug / Puppytail Harness. It’s a perfect way to keep your boy's ass plugged for as long as he can take (and then some). He’ll both hate this thing and love it too.

Or for yourself: if you want to make sure that plug up your ass is securely cinched and strapped so you and your plug become one… This harness does the trick. It works; wear it with confidence knowing that it keeps your plug from popping out at the wrong time.

Fantastic extra of this harness is the fact that it’s CBX-chastity cage compatible, so you can wear it / have him wear it with a CBX6000, CBX3000 or The Curve. The harness itself is lockable as well, using 4 little padlocks (sold separately, as accessory). By denying both front and rear access, the Keyholder is in perfect control. A good mind fuck.

Made of strong and durable yet supple saddle leather, this Mister B Butt plug / puppy tail harness remains comfortable even with long term wear. Put your cock through the 6 cm / 2.36 inch cockring and buckle it up with two lockable buckles on the waistband. Two leather sliding base plates are supplied with your harness; one for classic butt plugs and the other one for puppy tails, with a tail-hole. The base plate holds the plug firmly in place.

This harness works perfect as strapon for girls, too. So it's great for straight/lesbian couples as both can wear it and have different fun. Dildos up to 6cm fit to it if you wear it as strapon. 

Available in three sizes:

  • SMALL fits waist 30"" - 34""
  • MEDIUM fits waist 32"" - 36""
  • LARGE fits waist 34"" - 38""

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