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Mr Riegillio MR Tracksuit Pants - Black - Orange

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The new MR. collection is here with a clear MR. signature on it!

The MR. collection is made from artificial but high quality leather material and has a superior durability, good hand feel, good breathability and can easily be maintained.

The masterpiece of this collection is the MR. tracksuit with orange/white stripes.

It's a low waste pant features a drawstring at the waist, pockets at the front, ribbed cuffs and has the MR. signature on the left leg.

Please be informed: Mr Riegillio does not allow sales through any online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Bol.com, etc. Mr Riegillio PVC and Mr Riegillio MR products can only be sold through your own (online) shop.
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