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Squirt it right in the hole of your choice with the Enema Syringe! Even the smallest holes can get a squirt from this shiny squirter. Fill it with lube, or whatever your perverted mind thinks of and squirt! Getting lubed up, deep inside, has never been easier or looked better.

The Enema Syringe can be used for lubricating any hole you choose. Squirt deep in that rectum and you won’t even need to reapply. Great for longer sessions. Not only does it make deep lubricating a breeze, but it looks really kinky and cool! Shiny stainless steel makes this device fit any medical fetish fantasy scenario. Two different nozzles are included.  Great with water-based or silicone lubes, the wetter the better.

To use, simply draw back the syringe handle to suck up your liquid of choice, then squirt!

Stainless steel.        

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