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Sk8erboy Sweatband FIST ABLE

Sk8erboy Sweatband FIST ABLE

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Exclusive Sk8erboy sweatbands with sewn-in messages for different pleasures!

  • The messages clearly state your business to everyone, so no more beating around the bush
  • Available in 12 different designs!
  • Perfect for any next sex(y) party or around Pride
  • Every sweatband has a small inside pocket, perfect for lube, condoms, and other party favors, keeping it all safe during your wildest parties
  • Stylish once again, typical thick and fluffy, sports-sock look and feel
  • Front/outside with individual message, back/inside with Sk8erboy logo, both sewn-in to perfection
  • Wearable wherever you like it: wrist, upper arm, ankle....


Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane

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